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Teamspeak Rules Turkish-

Teamspeak Rules [Turkish]

ArcticBlaze Teamspeak Rules Turkish This is the Turkish version (Türkçe Versiyonu) of the ArcticBlaze Teamspeak Rules. Teamspeak kurallar: Genel kurallar AFK’iken seviye yükseltilmek için program kullanılması yasaktır. İsim ile ilgili kurallar İsminizde küfür içerikli kelimelerin kullanılması yasaktır. Yönetim üyeleri, klan üyeleri, arkadaşlar veya tanınmış kişilerin taklit edilmesi yasaktır. İsminizde sunucu grubu önekilerin kullanılması yasaktır. (Örnek:…
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ArcticBlaze Teamspeak Bot Commands -

Teamspeak Bot Commands

ArcticBlaze Teamspeak Bot Commands Here you can see our ArcticBlaze Teamspeak bot commands. With this commands you will get a lot of help. You can find some information about our Teamspeak and about ArcticBlaze. So how does it work? You can use this commands by messaging our bot. You can only use the commands in…
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ArcticBlaze Teamspeak Rewards System -

ArcticBlaze Teamspeak Reward System

What is the ArcticBlaze Teamspeak reward system? The reward system is a sub-category of our Teamspeak ranking system. Depending on the level you have on our Teamspeak, you unlock new rewards that you can on the ArcticBlaze Teamspeak. You increase your Teamspeak level by actively speaking on our Teamspeak ( Furthermore you can find a…
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ArcticBlaze Teamspeak Changelog 2.0 -

Teamspeak Changelog 2.0

Teamspeak Changelog 2.0 General: Updated the ArcticBlaze Teamspeak on Version 3.9.1 Changed the channeldesign. Changed a few channelnames Added information channel: 🎁 Reward System 🎁 ✨ Level System ✨ 📖 Rules 📖 Update Date: 14.08.2019 Reward system:  One big new addition from the Teamspeak Changelog 2.0 is the Rewardsystem Depending on the level you have,…
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ArcticBlaze Teamspeak History -

ArcticBlaze Teamspeak User Statistic History

ArcitcBlaze Teamspeak History Here you can find some information about our Teamspeak. We call it the “ArcticBlaze Teamspeak History” or “ArcticBlaze Teamspeak User Statistic History”. Why History? As you can see below, you can find three different graphs. These graphs show how many users connected on our Teamspeak at certain times at the same time. So if…
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Teamspeak Rules English -

Teamspeak Rules [English]

ArcticBlaze Teamspeak Rules English This is the English version of the ArcticBlaze Teamspeak Rules. Teamspeak Rules: General Teamspeak Rules AFK level farming is forbidden and will be punished with a level ban. Name Rules The use of swear words in your name is forbidden. Faking of team members, clan members, friends or known persons is…
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ArcticBlaze Teamspeak Ranking System -

Ranking System

What is the ArcticBlaze ranking system? The ArcticBlaze rank system is a level system on the ArcticBlaze Teamspeak, which automatically adds and removes a server group. These server groups are level. Currently the ArcticBlaze Teamspeak has Level 1 – 100. In the future, we may be adding more levels. Since when does the ArcticBlaze ranking…
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ArcticBlaze Teamspeak Webview -

ArcticBlaze Teamspeak Webview

Here you can find the ArcticBlaze Teamspeak Webview. Scroll down to get more information about it. Join our Teamspeak: What is the ArcticBlaze Teamspeak Webview Teamspeak Webview is a feature that you can see on our website our Teamspeak. It is always a live broadcast, which means that if someone changes channels, for example, this is also displayed.…
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ArcticBlaze Teamspeak Voting -

Teamspeak Voting

ArcticBlaze Teamspeak Voting ArcticBlaze is listed on many Teamspeak voting serverlists. Some of these lists have a voting system. So that means you can vote for our Teamspeak. ArcticBlaze Teamspeak voting reasons: On the one hand, you support us very much with a vote. A vote ranks as higher in the corresponding voting list. Furthermore,…
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