ArcticBlaze E-Sport Teams

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Can I apply as an individual player to join a team?

Yes you can. We usually publish a looking for players post on our social media channels such as Twitter or Instagram. There we describe which players we need for which game and what qualifications we expect. While a split is running in a league or tournament, we do not accept players because the roster is finalised.

How are your E-Sports teams selected or formed?

Our esports teams are typically formed through a combination of tryouts, scouting players, and occasionally recruiting from within our gaming community. We conduct tryouts or evaluations periodically, where players showcase their skills and teamwork abilities. Additionally, in certain cases, existing players might recommend or form teams based on compatible playstyles and goals. We aim to create well-rounded, competitive teams that represent our organisation effectively.

I have a full roster for a game in a league or tournament. Can I join your organisation with the whole team?

As a general principle, we want to provide our teams with good social media presents and good management. We don’t want to give the players the feeling that they simply exist. We want to work actively with the teams and players. That’s why each case has to be considered individually. If we currently have the capacity for good management, then the chances are very high that we will include your team in our org.


If this is the case, please send us a DM on Twitter or Instagram with more information. Or join our Discord.

I found a team called ArcticBlaze that is not listed here. Is such a team also part of your org?

Every team listed here is officially part of ArcticBlaze. We do not know of any teams that have the same name or use our logo. However, it is possible that a new team is being built and we have not yet announced it. In this case it is highly likely that it will be added here in the coming days or weeks because this team is still under development.

Can I support your E-Sports teams as a fan or spectator?

Some teams will be cast by us on Twitch. The VODs are available as a full highlight and accessible to everyone. Alternatively, there are a few short highlight versions of some games on our YouTube channel.