The Best Team Comb in Valorant

Best Team Comb in Valorant -

This post is not really up to date anymore, because many new updates came where new agents were added and the playstyle changed a lot over the last years.


Valorant offers a lot of different agents with different abilities. Some of them can be combined to a very strong and useful playstyle. In this post we will show you our opinion for the best team comb in Valorant.

Best Valorant Team Comb

Theoretically this question is not easy to answer. Sure we could name 5 good and useful agents. But its more than just that. A good team combination depends on the map, the players, the playstyle and the current meta. 

Best Agent Comb in Valorant - ArcticBlaze

The Map

Some maps offer good opportunities for different agents and their abilities. Sage for example can be used on Haven on B side to block the entrance just with the wall. With this tactic she has some time to rotate and support other agents. 

The trick is to know all these opportunities for the agents and user them if you want to. Another example is A side on Bind. You can create a one way smoke with Viper or Omen just by placing a smoke on the box on short. You can see the enemies legs, but they can’t see you. It’s not important to use these tactics every round, but it should be in your mind if you are creating your team comb. 

Often an agent like Cypher or Chamber is very good, as he can cut off certain paths with his traps. You and your team will be alerted by the fact that an enemy has destroyed Chamber’s or Cypher’s trap or has passed through it. This is very good on maps like Breeze, because you can easily ignore the tube in front of A with a Chamber trap. If there is a trap there, you can focus on another spot.

The Player & Playstyle

Before you learn the agents, learn yourself and your team. If you have some people who like to play really aggressive, then give them an aggressive agent. Phoenix or Reyna are some agents that can be played aggressive.

But the important fact is, that you should definitely play what makes you the most fun. If you have fun playing your agent, you will definitely be better that playing a agent you don’t know.

The Current Meta

You need to keep in mind, that the currently meta is one of the most important things for the best team comb in Valorant. A newly released agent will always be better at his release. However, you should not forget that with every patch agents are get nerved or buffed. If an agent is unplayable and can’t do anything, you and your team should consider playing another agent.

The Agent

Playing an agent theoretically is always very easy. However, it is important to master possible tricks. This can vary from map to map. For example, Omen or Jett can boost themselves to the tube on Icebox. Viper can have good after plant spots with her smoke and molotovs.
This know-how is easy to learn. On the one hand by simply playing, but also by watching videos and tutorials on YouTube.
Of course it is recommended to always play one and the same agent to learn constantly. It is good to master two to three agents to have a fallback option, if the actual main agent has already been selected and is no longer available.

The "Have-To" agents

Some agents are so important that they cannot be played without them, that they can definitely be used on every map in every situation. This includes Brimstone and Sage. Brimstone can be replaced with Omen, as both have a smoke, but in comparison the other abilities of brimstone are better than of Omen.

Sage can’t currently be replaced as she is the only healer and the only one who can revive another game with the ultimate. These two characters should definitely be part of your team.

The “Fill-In” agents

The remaining agents depend on all other criteria that we have mentioned. However, you should definitely have an attacker on your team and someone who has a lot of impact on the defender site. So Phoenix, Jett, Reyna or Raze should be on your team and Cypher or Killjoy. It can always be varied, but it is a good team comb to win. 

The fifth player could be a Sova or a Breach, as these have a lot of impact on the defender and attacker site.