ArcticBlaze Prime League Summer 2024 Player Stats

ABL Player Stats PRM Summer '24​

Our new Player Stats System

Over the seasons from the Prime League Summer Split ’23 to the Spring Split ’24, we’ve consistently gathered interesting information about our players’ performance. We’ve recently reworked our player stats system to better suit our expanding roster. Initially, we only focused on stats for our League of Legends Main Team. However, since the start of 2024, we’ve had multiple teams competing under our banner in the Prime League. It became clear that our old system didn’t fit anymore. That’s why we’ve introduced a new universal player stats list, which includes every player from all our teams.

How does the new player stats system work?

The new player stats system has all the information such as the player stats from Spring Split ’24. There is information on KDA, games played, wins, loses and minions. The information is updated with a slight delay from gameday life into the table. This means that after each gameday the information for the respective team is adjusted.

Teams and Players in the Player Stats list for PRM Summer '24