About us


Where it all began

ArcticBlaze started back in 2019 when five buddies got together and decided to create a gaming community. They wanted a place where gamers from all corners of the globe could hang out, chat, and make new friends.

Our first steps into E-Sports

In 2022, we proudly established our inaugural CS:GO team and ventured into the German-speaking league, 99damage. Our participation marked a significant milestone for us, and we are delighted to report that our debut split was a resounding success.


Our first League of Legends Team

Our journey continued to unfold as we expanded our horizons in 2023 by founding our first two League of Legends teams. Stepping into the competitive arena, we proudly participated in the Summer Split 2023 of the Prime League, marking another thrilling chapter in our quest for excellence.


Our Mission & Goals

As we look to the future, our goals and mission remain steadfast. While we aspire to deepen our involvement in the esports scene, our commitment to fostering a vibrant community remains paramount. We aim to strike a balance between competitive gaming and the inclusive atmosphere that defines our community. Additionally, we are excited about the prospect of organizing various events in the future, providing opportunities for both competitive play and community engagement. Together, we will continue to grow, innovate, and uphold our shared values as we embark on this thrilling journey ahead.