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ArcticBlaze Clash Royale Clan -

ArcticBlaze now on Clash Royale

ArcticBlaze now on Clash Royale Yes you heard right. ArcticBlaze now has a clan in Clash Royale and you can be part of it. We are currently looking for active members who want to join us. We don’t care much about whether you are good. As long as you are active and have fun with…
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Teamspeak Badges -

Teamspeak Badges

All Teamspeak Badges Teamspeak offers a large variety of different badges. Badges are displayed in the Teamspeak 3 and Teamspeak 5 client. Please note that you need a MyTeamspeak account. If you have an account, you only have to login to the client. From this moment you can collect, redeem and equip badges. You can…
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All CS:GO Gamemodes explained -

All CS:GO Gamemodes explained

All CS:GO Gamemodes explained CS:GO is one of the most popular shooters of the world. Many different game modes give the game its variarity. However, what are their characteristics? In this article are all CS:GO gamemodes explained. Let’s separate these into competition and casual! Competition Gamemodes “Competitive”, “Wingman” and -the newest of them- “Danger Zone”…
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HaiX CS:GO Training Routine​ -

HaiX CS:GO Training Routine

Who is Haix? HaiX is a russian YouTuber who try to become a pro player in CS:GO. He has a lot of contacts in the pro scene. HaiX also was in different teams with different players. So he got a lot of experience from his last teams and tournaments. HaiX CS:GO training routine is a new method he developed to get better at CS:GO. In…
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Best Team Comb in Valorant -

The Best Team Comb in Valorant

This post is not really up to date anymore, because many new updates came where new agents were added and the playstyle changed a lot over the last years. Valorant offers a lot of different agents with different abilities. Some of them can be combined to a very strong and useful playstyle. In this post…
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ArcticBlaze Promoter Application

ArcticBlaze Promoter Application

ArcticBlaze Promoter Application Here is the ArcticBlaze promoter application. Be sure to read our promoter information article first. Don’t forget to enter your social media, like Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Please only enter your correct data, as we use it to promote you. We can’t push your social media further with wrong links. If you have any further questions,…
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ArcticBlaze Promoter Information

Promoter Information

Promoter Information So… What is a promoter? Here you can find our promoter and influencer information. A promoter is a person who specifically advertises us (our services and website). This can be in the form of a YouTube video, a Twitter post, an Instagram post or much more. In return, our promoters get the promoters back. We…
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Best Training Config CSGO -

Best CSGO Training Config

Best CSGO Training Config We have created the best CSGO training config which you can easily work out new tactics with your friends or by your own. With this config you don’t have to type in a bunch of commands one by one. You can start playing right away after pasting the command block below…
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ArcticBlaze Teamspeak Voting Reward System -

ArcticBlaze Teamspeak Voting Reward System

What is the ArcticBlaze Teamspeak voting reward system? The ArcticBlaze Teamspeak voting reward system offers rewards for those who actively vote for our Teamspeak. If you get a certain number of votes in the last 30 days, you get a reward for it. It is also important to know that you only have to vote on…
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Teamspeak Rules Italian -

Teamspeak Rules [Italian]

ArcticBlaze Teamspeak Rules Italian This is the Italian version (Versione Italiana) of the ArcticBlaze Teamspeak Rules. Teamspeak Regole: Regole di picco generali della squadra L’agricoltura AFK dei livelli è vietata e sarà punita con un divieto di Leven. Nome regole L’uso di parolacce nel tuo nome è proibito. È vietato falsificare membri del team, membri…
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