The first three weeks of the 99damage league from the ArcticBlaze CS:GO team

The first three weeks of the 99damage league from the ArcticBlaze CSGO team -

And so it begins....

The first three weeks of the 99damage League (or also called “ESL Meisterschaft”) are over. Our CS:GO team has completed the first games. We will summarize some information about the games here. Furthermore we mention information about how the ArcticBlaze CS:GO team will continue in 99damage.

Week #1 vs FFA

The first game we would have played against “FORTIS FORTUNA ADIUVAT”. However, the game did not take place because one of the players could not play. So the game in the first week went with a 2:0 to ArcticBlaze. Since there is no relevant information on this, we would go directly to the second game.

Week #2 vs DG TWO

So the second game was the first real game our CS:GO team played against another team. We played against “Düsseldorf Gaming Two”. The game took place on August 28, 2022.

These maps were picked and banned:

  • Inferno banned by DG TWO
  • Dust 2 banned by Arcticblaze
  • Nuke banned by Arcticblaze
  • Vertigo banned by DG TWO
  • Mirage picked by ArcticBlaze
  • Ancient picked by DG TWO
  • Overpass was left

Game 1 - Mirage

So the first game took place on Mirage. ArcticBlaze started on the T side, because DG TWO had the choice of sides. After an uncoordinated start, our team quickly found ways to score points against DG TWO. After the first half the score was 10:5 for ArcticBlaze.

The CT side, however, looked a little different. DG TWO quickly caught up, and after a few rounds the score was 12:12. However, the ArcticBlaze CS:GO team did well until the end, and we won the first map 16:12. The motivation and joy was high and so we went on to the next map, Ancient.

Game 2 -Ancient

The second game against DG TWO was on Ancient. We had the sides choice and we chose CT side. Our team had a difficult start, after the first rounds were over, it was 1:6 for DG TWO. However, our team stayed motivated and did not give up. We worked our way forward round by round. After our fight to catch up, the score was 7:8 for the opponents. It is not a good result for the first half, but a satisfactory one after losing so many rounds. The T side started with a good start for us and then was a back and forth. The score was very close until the ArcticBlaze team secured several rounds in a row and scored 15:12. The victory was so close, but DG TWO did not want to give up their map pick so easily. And after a few rounds the score was 15:14 for ArcticBlaze. The last decisive round began. ArcticBlaze made its way to A. Then the important round was won by ArcticBlaze.

GG! Düsseldorf Gaming TWO

It was a very interesting game and the team could gain a lot of experience. Something tells me that it won’t be the last time they meet.

So the second week and the second match day was completed. The team was happy about their success. But the next game was already very close.

If you are interested in the game, you can check it out here:

Week #3 vs RADW

The victory against DG TWO was behind us, but already two days later the next game was on the agenda. We played against “Rücken an der Wand” on August 30, 2022.

They were honorable opponents, let’s start with the picks and banns:

  • Nuke banned by ArcticBlaze
  • Inferno banned by RADW
  • Mirage banned by RADW
  • Dust 2 banned by ArcticBlaze
  • Overpass picked by RADW
  • Vertigo picked by ArcticBlaze
  • Ancient was left

Game 1 - Overpass

The first game against RADW started on Overpass. Our team had a choice of sides and we decided to play CT. It started very well. There was no clear domination at the beginning. After the first half the score was 8:7 for ArcticBlaze. The second half actually went the same way, and after a few rounds there was a draw (15:15) and thus an extension. It was a very good match. However, it unfortunately ended with a 20:22 score for RADW. Nevertheless, we learned a lot from this match and so we moved on to the next map, Vertigo.

Game 2 - Vertigo

Vertigo was our pick, so RADW had the choice of sides, they chose CT side. After a difficult start and an even more difficult first half, the score was 5:10 for RADW. However, we did not want to give up our team, we wanted to fight until the last round. And so the comeback began. And so the score was 11:11 and the victory was again not so far from us. But what happened next? PURE. DOMINATION. What we lacked on Overpass, we had on Vertigo. And so we won Vertigo with a score of 16:11.

GG! Rücken an der Wand

So we were 1-1 against RADW.

Thanks SirMRay for casting this game <3.

Here a video if you want to see our pov:

The current status

Three of the nine weeks are over. And currently the ArcticBlaze team is 5:1 on the scoreboard in division 6. If we continue to have such a high score, then we have a chance to move up a league. But there is not only positive news in the team. Unfortunately one player left us 2 weeks ago. But this is not a big problem at the moment, because we have enough players to participate. We wish -Granini- however all the best and much success in the future. Much love <3.

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