Best 1vs1 Config CSGO

Best 1vs1 Config CSGO -

Best 1vs1 Config CSGO

We have created the best 1vs1 config in CSGO which you can easily play a 1vs1 against your friends with. With this config you do not have to type in a bunch of commands one by one. You can start playing right away after pasting the command block below to your console. The rounds are set to 9999, what means that it is an infinite config. So there is no winner, unless you play for 4 days without sleeping.

This config also works with 2vs2s and 3vs3s.

Of course you can adjust the config according to your wishes. This is just one example of many ways to play a 1vs1. For example you can reduce the number of rounds to 30 or 15. You can do that by using the command mp_maxrounds [number]

Kindly ensure that you enable the console and assign it to a key in your preferences beforehand. Afterward, proceed to open the console and adhere to the instructions provided below.

At first you have to enable cheats:

sv_cheats 1;

Then paste the following command block to your console:

mp_humanteam any;
exec gamemode_competitive;
mp_free_armor 1;
mp_freezetime 1;
mp_weapons_allow_map_placed 1;
mp_round_restart_delay 1;
mp_roundtime 999999;
mp_maxrounds 9999;
mp_halftime 1;
mp_restartgame 1;

What does the config do:

On the one hand, the config allows you to join both teams, as this is not possible sometimes. Furthermore, the best 1vs1 config in CSGO reduces the time you have to wait between rounds. After one player won a round the next round starts 2 seconds later and you can resume playing right away.

Have fun with your 1vs1!