Best Screenshot Config In CSGO

Best Screenshot Config CSGO -

We came up with the best screenshot config in CSGO which allows you to take fancy screenshots of your game. The config hides your GUI/interface (weapon display, map, etc.). The config also allows you to drop your knife. So you can take a panorama screenshot of the map you are playing.

Please take note that you must first enable the console and bind it to a key in your preferences. Subsequently, open your console and follow the instructions provided below.

At fist you have to enable cheats:

sv_cheats 1;

Command to turn the GUI/Overlay off: 

cl_draw_only_deathnotices 1;

Command to drop your knife: 

mp_drop_knife_enable 1;

Here are some useful commands that might help:

mp_limitteams 0; 
mp_autoteambalance 0;
mp_roundtime 60;
mp_roundtime_defuse 60;
mp_maxmoney 60000;
mp_startmoney 60000;
mp_freezetime 0;
mp_buytime 9999;
mp_buy_anywhere 1;

Don’t forget to activate noclip so you can fly through the map:


You can also change the map in the console without leaving the server:

changelevel [map]

Usage possibilities for the screenshot config

With the best screenshot config in CSGO you can take screenshots to create good thumbnails for your YouTube channel. Also, your screenshot looks way better without the whole interface and the hands of your player model. If you’re playing in a team, you can also use the config to show possible situations and explain your tactics to the team. Have fun with your screenshot config!

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Example screenshots:

CSGO de_cache A- Best Screenshot Config In CSGO - ArcticBlaze
CSGO de_inferno B - Best Screenshot Config In CSGO - ArcticBlaze
CSGO de_train A - Best Screenshot Config In CSGO - ArcticBlaze