ArcticBlaze Prime League Spring 2024 Recap

ArcticBlaze Prime League Spring 2024 Recap

Recap - Spring Split 2024

The Prime League Spring Split 2024 was filled with ups and downs for the LoL ArcticBlaze Main Team. This split was the first where we did not reach the Div 4-5 playoffs. Nevertheless, our players have grown and gained new experiences. Nevertheless, as in previous splits, we have once again created a recap.

Game History (Div 5.36)

The group stage was the most difficult group stage we’ve had since participating in Prime League. Until the 6th game week almost every team could have been promoted or relegated. The most exciting games were definitely against Solaris E-Sports, MT1 ESPORTS and True Main.

Unfortunately, we didn’t make it to the Div 4-5 playoffs this split.

ArcticBlaze Prime League Spring 2024 Recap - Game History Div 5.36


In the Player Stats for the Spring Split 2024 you have already seen a few insights into the numbers of the individual players. But here is another summarised statistic about kills, deaths, assists and more.

  • Total kills: 254
  • Total deaths: 231
  • Total assists: 542
  • Total minions killed: 11907
  • Total gold earned: ~738.600
  • Total time ingame: ~6h 52m 35s
ArcticBlaze Prime League Spring 2024 Recap - Teamstats

Random Facts

Of course, there are also some fascinating facts about this split:

  • Naafiri Most picked champion (8 times)
  • K’Sante most banned champion (4 times)
  • played 29 different champions in total
  • banned 37 different champions in total
  • 5 times red side | 9 times blue side
ArcticBlaze Prime League Spring 2024 Recap - Random Facts

Objective Stats

Finally, to culminate our recap, it’s crucial to shed light on a handful of objective statistics:

  • Turrets destroyed: 73
  • Inhibitors demolished: 9
  • Barons slain: 10
  • Drakes contested: 28
  • Heralds secured: 7
ArcticBlaze Prime League Spring 2024 Recap - Objective Stats

Other News

Even though our main team didn’t reach the playoffs, the split was still a great experience for us. Three new teams joined our organisation in this split. Unfortunately, ABL FrozenEmberRoses was relegated to Division 8. ABL Academy and ABL Sirius stayed in Division 5, as did the ABL Main team.

The most exciting team is ABL Subzero. This team started in the starter division with the aim of getting as high as possible. ABL Subzero arrived in Division 5 with 12 wins and 4 losses.

Nevertheless, we have to part with some players in the main team. Our supporter Cupcake has left the team. The remaining players have stayed. This means that a large part of the roster is still active.