ArcticBlaze Prime League Winter 2023 Recap

ArcticBlaze Prime League Winter 2023 Recap

Recap - Winter Split 2023

From intense battles in the group stage to rather underwhelming performances in the playoffs, our journey has been nothing short of electrifying for the League of Legends ArcticBlaze Main Team. This is the ArcticBlaze Recap for the Prime League Winter Split 2023.

Game History (Div 5.10)

In the group stage, we clashed against some of the fiercest competitors, facing off against TPR Unleashed, 300 Poro and many more teams! Each match brought its own challenges, but our determination and teamwork shone through every game.

ArcticBlaze Prime League Winter 2023 Recap - Game History Div 5.10

Div 4-5 Playoffs Game History

The playoffs presented us with formidable challenges as we went head-to-head against skilled adversaries like HNVR Academy and Yoga Botlane. Despite giving it our all, we faced setbacks, experiencing tough losses in both series. However, our team’s resilience, unwavering dedication, and strategic approach laid the groundwork for hard-fought battles that will only fuel our determination to bounce back stronger! 

ArcticBlaze Prime League Winter 2023 Recap - Game History Playoffs


In the Player Stats for the Winter Split 2023 you have already seen a few insights into the numbers of the individual players. But here is another summarised statistic about kills, deaths, assists and more.

  • Total kills: 378
  • Total deaths: 337
  • Total assists: 799
  • Total minions killed: 17498
  • Total gold earned: ~11.544.350
  • Total time ingame: ~9h 44m 50s
ArcticBlaze Prime League Winter 2023 Recap - Teamstats

Random Facts

Not to mention, here are some fascinating random facts about our journey that made it all the more memorable:

  • Orianna Most picked champion (9 times)
  • Syndra most banned champion (5 times)
  • played 40 different champions in total
  • banned 45 different champions in total
  • 19 out of 19 Nasus hovers
  • 8 times red side | 11 times blue side
ArcticBlaze Prime League Winter 2023 Recap - Random Facts

Objective Stats

Finally, to culminate our recap, it’s crucial to shed light on a handful of objective statistics:

  • Turrets destroyed: 118
  • Inhibitors demolished: 26
  • Barons slain: 19
  • Drakes contested: 51
  • Heralds secured: 21
ArcticBlaze Prime League Winter 2023 Recap - Objective Stats

Other News

Even though our main team lost the playoffs, the split was not completely unsuccessful for us. The ArcticBlaze Academy League of Legends Team made it to Division 5 in Winter Split ’23. This means we have both our teams in Division 5 for the next split.

Now that the split is over, it’s time to say goodbye to some players. The top laner of our main team Saiku and our ADC Xomes will no longer be part of our roster next split. Saiku will remain part of our org as content creator. xNir0n, the supporter of the main team in the Winter Split ’23 will take over the roll as ADC, as he was already active as an ADC in the past.